Types of Party Wall Notice

What Type of Notice is Required?

In order to establish what type of notice is required it is essential to understand the implications of the intended works. There are three types of notices and it is often that more than one notice maybe required. The types of notice are detailed below with examples of when to use each type of notice:-

  • Line of Junction

    If you are intending to build to the line of junction either solely on your own land or astride the boundary line a line of junction notice should be served where the line of junction is not currently built upon. The most common use of this notice is where a rear extension spanning the width of a property is proposed meaning that the face of the external walls will either represent the boundary line of be astride the boundary line.

  • Party Structure

    If you are intending to cut into, demolish, expose or repair a party structure of party fence wall you will need to serve a party structure notice. The most common scenarios where such notice is required is where loft conversions are undertaken and it is necessary to insert beams into the party wall; cutting into the party wall to provide weathering at the abutment between two properties and enclosing upon a party fence wall (boundary wall built astride the boundary) changing the nature of a wall to a party wall. There are obviously many other situations where party structure notices are required, these scenarios simply offer you an idea of when a party structure notice is require and is not intended to be exhausted.

  • Adjacent Excavation

    If you are intending to excavate within 3 or 6 meters of a neighbouring structure you maybe required to serve Notices of Adjacent Excavation. The rules of when to serve these notices are detailed below:-

    • If you are excavating within 3 meters of a neighbouring structure and it is anticipated that your foundations will be to a lower level than the existing foundations a 3 meter notice should be served. Generally speaking, if you cannot confirm the depth of the neighbours foundations caution should be exercised and notice given. Notice is required for trail holes as well as substructure works.

    • If you are excavating within 6 metres of a neighbouring structure, if any part of that excavation intersects with a plane drawn downwards at an angle of 45 degrees from the bottom of their foundations, taken at a line level with the face of their external wall (this will normally mean that you are using piled foundations) then a 6 meter notice should be given.


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